Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mirage Mapping

I am happy to announce the start of my own small GIS consultancy - Mirage Mapping. Mirage Mapping is a Geographical Information Systems consultancy. With the help of spatial data, we can provide you solutions in the analysing, processing and understanding your business information and improve the end results. 

Our main objective is to put our GIS acumen to help the clients in various ways to reduce the costs, lower the risks and improve the efficiency. We are here to listen to our clients and apply our GIS knowledge for the appropriate solutions. 

Mirage Mapping is an independent GIS consultancy. We provide solutions using the spatial data and related technologies to analyse and present information in a visual way to help your organisation. This helps you better understand your organisation's information and helps to improve the quality of your decisions.

Mirage Mapping is committed to attaining a high-level of professional advice for our clients. We aim to provide our customers with a level of service that will encourage you to positively consider the Mirage Mapping team for future opportunities. Mirage Mapping recognises the vital importance of collaboration, excellent communication and regular verification of our understanding. These are key ingredients to the success of our client's project.

We provide variety of GIS and Mapping services, 

  • GIS Outsourcing

Outsourcing of non-core business needs results in excellent value for money. You only pay for the GIS services when you need them. We can provide map production, data analysis and management services as additional resources, to cover work load peaks, support and cover for holiday, sickness and absence to your existing team so you can maintain your current service provision.

  • Data Management

Our experienced team can source, analyse, process and present the data as per your needs. Our team will help you get the maximum value from your spatial data. Our experts provide data analysis capabilities from the simplest to complex data analysis tasks. We have extensive experience at working with a variety of data formats allowing us to offer expertise in all facets of data management.

  • Map Productions and Cartographic Representations

Mirage Mapping are experts in map production. We can help you produce the maps you need to communicate meaningful data and analysis for reports & presentations. All our maps are produced using the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and facilitates data analysis to enrich the quality of information represented within the maps. Mirage Mapping can generate effective customised static maps quickly and efficiently, incorporating client specific data using our in-house spatial data repositories and map templates.

  • GIS Consultancy

Our GIS consulting services includes,

    • Developing the business case
    • Business requirements and supporting process design
    • Selecting your preferred technologies
    • Spatial data capture/management solutions
    • Preparation of all your technical documentation, including requirements specification
    • Procurement of the solution
    • Management of the implementation

We are located in the majestic city of Perth in Australia. To contact us, please use following details,
  • Web:
  • Tel: (+61) 0411 393 262
  • Email:
  • Skype: miragemapping_pushkar
Please visit our website and this blog for more news and various GIS technology related posts! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Experiments with Google Fusion Tables - Cigarettes Consumption - Country by Country


Google Fusion Tables (or just Fusion Tables) is a Web service provided by Google for data management.

The Web service provides means for visualizing data with pie charts, bar charts, lineplots, scatterplots, timelines as well as geographical maps.

The size of uploaded data sets is currently limited to 250 MB for each user.

Almost 6m people were killed by tobacco use in 2011 according to the latest data released this week (The Guardian). How do countries compare for cigarette consumption and which countries have the highest percentage of smokers?

Mapping Application

1. Data downloaded from "The Guardian" website (in MS-Excel Format).

2. Added the spreadsheet to Google Fusion Tables to produce following Maps and Charts. 

Countries Map (for which data was collected)

Intensity Map showing Cigarettes Consumption per country per capita per person

Bar Chart showing Top 10 Countries in the World as per their Cigarettes Consumption per capita per person

The data downloaded from "The Guardian Website"
 - Article: Tobacco atlas - country by country
Wikipedia -